About Us


It is indeed a privilege to lead Pakistan’s most vibrant institution, which shines as a beacon of excellence on the horizon of higher education.  From a modest beginning with military engineering colleges, NUST has gained towering stature, both at the national level as well as internationally, addressing the needs of a fast changing world. The University main campus continues to expand, both academically and in terms of physical environment, whereas, our commitment to scientific leadership continues to grow unabated. Over the years, NUST has developed a knowledge ecosystem which inspires entrepreneurship and stimulates high-impact research. It is now recognized internationally as a research-led, socially-engaged university, distinguished by its multi-disciplinary programmes and focus on emerging technologies. We have research collaboration with 109 universities worldwide, with 175 faculty members and 76 students studying in foreign universities.

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Vision, Mission & Core Values

To evolve NUST into a world class Centre of Excellence among Higher Education Institutions. Read More