About Us Vision, Mission & Core Values

Vision, Mission & Core Values


To evolve NUST into a world class Centre of Excellence among Higher Education Institutions, leading the transformation of Pakistan towards a rapidly developing Knowledge Economy to realise the national objective of a progressive and prosperous country among comity of nations.


In pursuance of NUST vision, strive to achieve following mission goals:

  • To develop NUST as a Comprehensive, Academic and Research led university with a focus on Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship so as to amicably negotiate Social, Economic and Environmental challenges faced by the country.
  • With foundations based on principles of Merit, Transparency and Fair Play, nurture talent by providing equal opportunity to all segments of polity.
  • Empower students to develop their full potential, acquiring leadership and social skills, to act as agents of change within the society.
  • Improve global visibility by enhancing mutually beneficial linkages with international organisations and partner universities.
  • Strengthen NUST financially to enable the university to achieve its goals by raising awareness amongst local and international Pakistani diaspora including Alumni base around the world.
  • Ensure conducive learning and working environment for students and staff at par with international standards​​.

Core Values 

  • Merit

Merit is the cornerstone of every selection that takes place at NUST – students, faculty, employees, contractors, vendors and service-providers are selected and evaluated purely on the basis of merit, to ensure the highest standards of quality in everything that we do.

  • Student Centricity

NUST recognises and embraces the shift from an institution-centric to a student-centric management approach. We are committed to delivering a high-quality student experience both inside and outside the classrooms. Based on the richness of diverse backgrounds of our students and faculty, we endeavour to create learning mechanisms and structures that closely match their needs and expectations.

  • Excellence

We at NUST strive to achieve excellence in our academic, research, innovation and all other pursuits and endeavours. The same spirit is instilled in our students and graduates – the drive to excel and be the best at what they do, and by doing so become NUST’s ambassadors, and add value to the national and global knowledge economy.

  • Integrity

We believe in the highest level of personal and professional integrity, and are guided in all our activities by our commitment to honesty, transparency and doing the right thing. We are accountable to ourselves, our institution and our stakeholders, and strive to earn their respect and trust.

  • Innovation

We strive to develop an environment that supports and fosters innovation. With technology as the common denominator in all our academic, research and entrepreneurial initiatives, the spirit of innovation is embedded in our students and faculty. We also strive to be an agile organisation that employs creative and innovative methodologies in its management and operations, affecting progression and positive transformation.

  • Diversity & Inclusivity

NUST embraces and celebrates diversity of all kinds; we nurture a highly diverse community of students, faculty and staff. Our students are trained to respect religious, ethnic and cultural diversity, as well as embrace fellow students from all social strata. We provide quality education for all, and strive to cultivate a compassionate, inclusive and healthy community, as well as a safe and secure environment for the NUST family.

  • Social Impact

As a national university, we strive for high societal impact through all our initiatives and endeavours – our academic programmes and research are well aligned with the needs of society. Students are groomed and nurtured to become responsible citizens of society with a resolve to actively serve communities.